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Apr. 12th, 2012


SPN Meme.

Got this from the awesome cherry916. Decided to do it since I haven't posted for a while, plus I love Superantural so...

1. Deangirl or Samgirl?

Can I be both?

2. Casgirl, yes or no?


3. Favorite season?

Seasons 1 and 4!

4. Favorite episode(s) from your favorite season?

Phantom Traveler, Something Wicked, Yellow Fever, It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, After School Special, On the Head of a Pin and The Rapture.

5. Season you're most likely to re-watch?

Seasons 1 and 2.

6. Season you hate the most?

Like them all. If I really had to choose Season 6, I guess.

7. Favorite episode of the current season?

Hello, Cruel World!!!

8. Least favorite episode from the current season?

Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

9. Favorite angel (besides Cas)?

Gabriel! He has to be one of my all time favorite characters.

10. Least favorite angel?


11. Favorite demon?

Crowley! I love him.

12. Least favorite demon?

Meg and Ruby 2.0.

13. Favorite one-episode character?

Jesse from I Believe the Children Are Our Future!

14. Sam's hair looked best in which season?

Most of them except for lately, lol.

15. If the show would have ended the way Kripke wanted it to, with Sam and Dean battling each other and jumping into the hole together (and God might show mercy on them, idk), would you have preferred that?

Well, to be honest I think it would have been a really good end to the show. Like the ending to a storybook. I would have to say yes even though we'd miss the awesome focus on Cas in Season 6 and the great Sam moments in season 7.

16. Best casted character throughout the whole show?

Young Sammy (Colin Ford) and Crowley.

17. Do you think Chuck is God?

Maybe. To be honest I've never really cared.

18. Who's a hotter psychic, Patrica Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sam?

Duh, Sam.

19. Freedom or Peace?


20. Dimples, freckles, eye-crinkles, bowlegs, bangs, woobie frowns or jaw clinches?


21. Favorite kind of monster?

Do demons count? They're awesome. Only monster I liked was the Shtriga.

22. Weapon of choice?


23. Favorite death?

John Winchester's I guess. I can never completely watch that episode. It makes me so sad.

24. Favorite minor character's death?


25. Pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic?


26. Scariest episode?

No Exit, I guess. None of the episodes really scare me.

27. Best song that mattered for a scene? (you can't choose Carry on Wayward Son)

Styx's Renegade!

28. Best and worst young versions of characters?

Colin Ford as Sam, definitely! Didn't like Brock Kelly as Dean. Way too old.

29. Characters I ship like crazy?

Don't really ship anything but I've always thought Sam and Sarah made a great couple.

30. Favorite female character?

Ruby 1.0!

31. Best and worst season intro and finale?

Best intro: Pilot, In My Time of Dying and Lazarus Rising.

Worst intro: Exile on Main St.

Best Finale: All Hell Breaks Loose. I cry EVERY single time we see John. Plus great ending to a great villain.

Worst Finale: The Man Who Knew Too Much. Don't even get me started on why.

Mar. 18th, 2012


Space, Shapes, Songs...

Graphic I made back in December! Finally posted it. :) Also posted a photo recently. Please check out my stuff on my Deviantart!

Space, Shapes, Songs...
by ~MarmaladeSplash on deviantART

Mar. 3rd, 2012

Cas in Holy Fire


[12] White Collar Stealing Home Icons
[2] White Collar Friends Only Banners
[40] Supernatural Season 2 Misc. Quote Icons
[1] Icon Texture Set
 Icon Preview:
Wallpaper Preview:
Texture Set Preview:
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Dec. 23rd, 2011


2 Large Light Texture Sets.

2 large (1000x750) light texture sets! Really happy with the first set. :) Please enjoy these! 

1st Set Preview:

                Download [HERE] @ My Deviantart.

2nd Set Preview: (credit not required for this set)
                 Download [HERE] @ My Deviantart.

Please credit me.
Would really appreciate comments. :) 
Please don't claim as your own.
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Enjoy! :D
Cas in Holy Fire

20 Bokeh Icon Textures.

It's been a while but I'll be updating a lot more now! To start off here's one Bokeh icon texture set. Hope you enjoy, feel free to download! :)


                Download [HERE] @ My Deviantart.

Please credit me.
Would really appreciate comments. :) 
Please don't claim as your own.
Please don't redistribute these.
Enjoy! :D

May. 9th, 2011


67 6x20 The Man Who Would Be King Icons


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Apr. 25th, 2011


3 800x500 Stripe/Scratch Textures

One texture set to take. Had fun making them, hopefully they're useful. Enjoy! 


                Download [HERE] @ My Deviantart.

Please credit me.
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Please don't claim as your own.
Please don't redistribute these.
Enjoy! :D

58 Supernatural 6x18 Frontierland Icons!

My first Supernatural icons ever and I really hope you guys like them. Frontierland was an amazing episode, I love Castiel so it was awesome to seem more of him in that episode. Quite surprised about Rachel though. Expected her to be a recurring character... Anyway, I'm a bit of a newbie to Supernatural but have pretty much fallen in love with the show and characters. Hope to get more involved in the Supernatural fandom and meet some friends. :)


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Feb. 27th, 2011


First NCIS icons!

A Man Walks Into a Bar... has become one of my favorite episodes ever. I really loved it! This is my first time posting NCIS icons! Hope someone likes them. :)

(01 - 72) -  8x14, A Man Walks Into a Bar...
(73 - 92) - NCIS Season 8 Promos


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